Withholding of Removal

Similar to Asylum, withholding of removal is another form of relief given to those looking to flee from persecution. Persecution refers to any form of mistreatment or victimization because of race, political views, or religion. In the state of Florida, and other areas around the country man flu for both asylum and withholding of removal at the same time using the form I-589. If you are looking to file a withholding of removal request for yourself or a loved one, as one of the top immigration lawyers Florida has practicing, Steven Veinger, Esq. can help! Learn more about the process below.

Different from Asylum
While they are similar and hold a similar purpose, there are a few differences between withholding of removal and asylum. For instance, withholding of removal is a mandate for those who are eligible, while asylum is dependent upon the discretion of the office in charge. When it comes to withholding of removal, if an individual is found eigible, an immigration judge must grant the request. However, similar to asylum they must find a threat to life or their freedoms based on factors such as:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Party Affiliation & Political Views
  • Social Status or Membership in Social Groups

Generally, as long as you and your legal representative can show that you have a threat to your life, or liberties in the form of some persecution based on the above factors.

However, in the event you have been convicted of a serious crime, this could put your request in jeopardy. Some of the important factors regarding this crime are:

  • The type of crime
  • The circumstances – Was it self-defense? Why was it committed?
  • If there was a prison or other sentence and how long it was.
  • Does this crime show you might be a danger to others once within the US.

Withholding of Removal Benefits
When an individual’s withholding of removal request is granted, one major advantage is that they are able to stay in the country indefinitely. In addition, they can begin working pretty much immediately.

However, it is important to understand you are not a citizen nor a permanent resident yet, and you cannot:

  • Help provide relief for family members in the US.
  • Travel outside the US and return.
  • Readily become a citizen or permanent resident.
  • Petition to bring family from other countries.

Get the Help You Need Today!
The burden of proof upon an alien individual is quite high when seeking a withholding of removal based on persecution, therefore it is important that acquire the help of a qualified immigration attorney like Steven Veinger. He has his colleagues have worked tirelessly to help countless immigrants with issues just like this, and can do the same for you! Fore more information or to schedule a legal consultation contact the Law Offices of Steven Veinger at (305) 682-0401.