In the state of Florida over the years there have been countless individuals seeking asylum from their native countries as a means of staying in the US for their own protection. Under the US immigration laws, asylum is granted to foreign nationals who are either no longer willing to or are unable to return to their native country or homeland. This is generally due to persecution or a fear of persecution on the grounds of:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Social Status
  • Party Affiliation or Political Views
  • Nationality

If you or your loved one is seeking asylum, as many have in South Florida before you, Steven Veinger, Esq. can help. As one of the top immigration lawyers in all of Florida, he has helped countless individuals and families live their American dreams, and he can for you too. Learn more about it below.

Asylum in the US
In order to be granted asylum, you and your representation must be able to prove past persecution or have a well-founded fear of future persecution – this can include the above reasons for persecution as well as forms of torture and intimidation.

In order to be eligible for asylum, you must be in the US for less than a year, with certain exceptions. In some instances, you can even currently be in your home country, while seeking asylum. Regardless, you must be part of one of the asylum-seeking classes and persecuted due to political affiliation, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social group affiliation etc. Those coming into the country can ask for asylum the moment they reach an entry point as well.

For those who are in the country, it is vital for you to have a qualified attorney prepare an application for asylum and in many cases withholding of removal within a year of your arrival, whether you are residing in the country legally or undocumented. Mr. Veinger, as one of the top immigration lawyers in South Florida has helped a variety of clients seeking either asylum or withholding of removal gain approval and avoid the persecution of their homeland.

The good thing is that asylum status can be held indefinitely, but in order to continue working you must renew that authorization each year.

In addition, those immediate members of your family, may be eligible for asylum status with all its benefits such as work authorization, as long as they have been named in your asylum application. This will even count towards any family members are not present in the U.S. at the time the application is filed – including your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age.

In the event you have been convicted of a crime, this might affect your asylum status. This is highly dependent upon the nature of the crime, the reasoning for it (self-defense? etc.), any sentence you incurred as punishment and more. You must provide all factual information about your criminal past, otherwise you will be charged with perjury and forced to pay and fine and face possible jail time.

Get the Help You Need Today!
Asylum can be quite a difficult process, and the burden of proof on an alien individual is fairly high when attempting to prove a fear of your life and/or persecution. This is why it is vital to acquire the help of an experienced asylum lawyer or immigration attorney such as Steven Veinger, Esq. Throughout the years, he has helped many clients in and around the South Florida area who have been seeking asylum. It is important to provide the asylum officers with a good case, because asylum unlike withholding of removal is not a mandate, and therefore the final decision is up to the judgement of the asylum officers. While withholding of removal must be granted, as long as an individual meets  the requirements. For more information on your asylum case or to schedule a legal consultation, contact the Law Offices of Steven Veinger at (305) 682-0401.