Adjustment of Status (Green Card)

Obtaining residency in the US is a dream for millions around the world, and often, one the best methods to obtain permanent residency is to go through a visa adjustment process. Adjusting your visa status to obtain a green card is a common immigration practice designed to allow those with a nonimmigration visa (ie. student visa, work visa, etc.) to become permanent residents. With help from an experienced immigration lawyer like Steven Veinger, you can realize your American dream too. Learn more about the adjustment of status process below.

Green Card Eligibility
A US citizen or lawful permanent resident has the ability to petition for certain loved ones or immediate family members to live in the US and obtain their green card.

In order to be eligible for an AOS there are specific requirements that must be met, these include:

  • Being physically present in the US – Already be in the US in order to file an AOS application.
  • Had a lawful visa allowing entry into the US – This means that you entered the US using valid documentation in order to obtain a visa, and have preciously met with an immigration officer who validated your entry. This counts even if the visa has since expired.
  • File an I-130 petition and have it approved – The applicant must have an approved Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, and a visa number must be available.

Application to Adjust Status
Once you have met the eligibility requirements, you must file a form I-485 as well as your entire AOS packet. Mr. Veinger and his team will assist you with all the necessary paperwork and obtaining the proper documentation.

Once your application has been filed, you will have to attend AOS appointments where a series of tests, and checks will take place including:

  • Biometric Screening
  • Fingerprinting
  • Criminal Background Check

Once these screening measures have been taken, you will likely have to attend an interview that will determine your status. Soon, you will be notified of your green card status!

Get the Green Card Help You Need Today!
The steps to obtain an adjustment of status are somewhat complex, and it is important to obtain help from an experienced immigration attorney like Steven Veinger, Esq. He will work tirelessly alongside you and your loved ones, guiding you through each and every step in the process to ensure you have the highest probability of obtaining an AOS and eventually your green card. For more information on the process or to schedule your free legal consultation call at (305) 682-0401.