Lemon Law

Lemon Law
When we purchase a new car, we expect that it should work as well as it looks on both the inside and outside, but that isn’t always the case! In many instances, despite spending tens-of-thousands on a brand-new car, it will have chronic issues and constant malfunctions. This is where Florida’s lemon laws can come in very handy.

What is Lemon Law?
In the state of Florida, the lemon law states that a purchaser of a new automobile if protected from having purchased an obviously defective vehicle. Considering that cars are such a high expense, and the amount they depreciate when you take them off the lot, these laws were created to protect an individual once they have purchased or even leased, a car with an issue that was no fault of their own, and simply the fault of the car-maker. The lemon law carries a few stipulations on what they deem to fall under such guidelines.

  • If after 3 separate repairs for the same issue, a dealer is unable to repair your vehicle, you have the right to notify the manufacturer. In some instances, if the vehicle has been out of service for over 15 days it may also qualify.
  • In Florida lemon law cases must be reported within the first 18 months or 24,000 miles of ownership.

Generally, vehicle purchases will come with a booklet explaining your rights, as a new vehicle owner in the event of a possible lemon law case. Once the lemon law claim is made, and approved, the vehicle’s manufacturer must either buy the automobile back, repair it, or provide a replacement vehicle in working condition.

Why Do You Need Legal Help for Your Lemon Law Claim?
The lemon law process is fairly complex and difficult to navigate, having an experienced lemon law attorney like Steven Veinger, Esq. can provide you with the guidance you need as well as the legal assistance to negotiate with the car’s manufacturers.

Firstly, a lemon law claim must be submitted in writing to he maker of the vehicle, this is best done to give the makers a last chance to repair the vehicle. Once that is done, and the manufacturer has failed to repair the vehicle, the lemon law claim must be negotiated – through a process of dispute resolution and certified arbitration. If this does not go through, the process must be handled through the Florida states attorney’s office. Once this is done, it is likely an arbitration hearing will occur in order to decide your fate – the Law Offices of Steven Veinger, Esq. will work tirelessly to ensure that your lemon law claim goes through under the Florida state law. Depending on the circumstances as well as your desires, you can receive a replacement vehicle or 105% of the vehicle’s value.

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