Expunging Criminal Record

Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged
We’ve all made mistakes in our past, and while most of us have been able to avoid criminal issues, things happen, and individuals can often change for the better. In these types of cases it is always prudent to have your criminal record expunged. This allows an individual to clean up their criminal record, as long as they meet certain guidelines and criteria. And despite it is available to many, it is not a simple ask, and Steven Veinger, Esq. can help.

Sealed Criminal Records Vs. Expungement
While these terms are often confused, having your records simply hides them from public view – however, they still exist and those with government access can still see these records.

When Can Records be Expunged?
In the event you had been arrested, and the case had been dropped or dismissed, prior to a trial taking place, you will be able to have your criminal record expunged. However, if this isn’t the case, you may still have these records sealed.

An expungement is important for different situations in life, especially involving the workplace, future employment, and different certificates you might be after in life. Some benefits of expungement include:

  • You are able to deny the arrest ever taking place.
  • In the event you hold certain licenses or certifications, they will be unaffected by your prior arrest.
  • Better Future Employment Prospects

There are however certain times when you still must acknowledge your arrest, these instances can include situation such as seeking employment at certain government agencies, when working with children or the elderly, and more. The Law Offices of Steven Veinger can provide you with more information on these isntances.

Get the Legal Help You Need with Expungement Today!
Depending on your arrest and the circumstances of it, you might be eligible for an expungement. To find out more about the process and work alongside an experienced legal team that has helped countless clients reach an expungment, contact the Law Offices of Steven Veinger, Esq. today at (305) 682-0401.