Suspended/Revoked License

The right to drive in the state of Florida is considered a privilege, granted to you by the state’s government and while it is a right that they must offer to every able citizen, they can also take away that right away, when they deem it necessary due to a variety of issues.

Having your license suspended or even revoked is generally a last recourse or penalty of an accumulation of numerous traffic violations or a single, severe instance or violation that is deemed to be too far beyond the scope of legal driving practices. In the event your license is going to be suspended or revoked, you need the help of a legal advocate like Steven Veinger, Esq. In over 20 years of experience as a top Miami defense attorney, Mr. Veinger has helped countless clients deal with a wide variety of traffic issues and helped many to recover the right to drive even in the most severe of instances. To better educate you on the best driving practices, learn more about how your license can be suspended or revoked int eh state of Florida below.

Florida License Suspensions
There are a number of different reasons why your license could be suspended in the state of Florida, including:

  • Failure to Comply or Appear at a Traffic Summons & Failure to Pay a Fine
    A driver’s license may be suspended indefinitely in the even they fail to answer to or pay the fine associated with a specific summons, or even a series of different summonses. Generally, this type of suspension will be lifted once the fine is paid or the summons is properly answered, however it can continue on for months.
  • Failure to Complete Court-Ordered Course
    In the event you have been charged with a serious traffic violation, often times, in place of serious fines or jail time, a court may order that you participate in some type of defensive driving or improvement course. If you fail to show up or complete this course, you might be subject to having your license suspended.
  • Accumulation of Points
    After a series of different moving violations, you will begin to accumulate points on your driving record. Generally, the suspension penalties are as follows:

    • 12 points in 12 months – 30-day suspension
    • 18 points in 18 months – 3-month suspension
    • 24 points within 36 months – 1-year suspension
  • No Longer Being Able to Operate a Vehicle Safely
    If the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles believes there is some reason you might no longer be capable of operating a vehicle safely, they have the right to request medical records regarding their physical and mental health. If they deem them no longer capable of safely operating a vehicle, then their license can be temporarily suspended until their condition improves.

    • Violations (not a DUI) Resulting in Death of a Serious Bodily Injury
    • Failure to Pay Child Support


  • Poor Vision
    When your license is renewed, you must submit an eye test. If you can no longer confidently see, your license may be revoked.
  • Florida Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO)
    Your license can be revoked for 5 years on the grounds that you are determined to be a habitual traffic offender. This means that you have repeatedly violated traffic laws and had a number of different traffic issues over time. With the help of a qualified traffic attorney like Steven Veinger, we can have this designation removed or downgraded, in order for you to apply for a temporary (restricted) hardship license or even have your full driving privileges restored.
  • Unpaid Tickets
    This is grounds for either a suspension or a revocation. With the help of a traffic attorney like Steven Veinger, you will have someone who will work to have your penalties minimized or even thrown out entirely.

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