Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements
Marriage is a beautiful part of life, and something that many of us aspire to when we meet that special someone. And during the marriage process, from engagement to the actual wedding, many of us are on cloud nine – like we are living in a dreamworld preparing for the happiest years of life. Despite this, it is important to be prudent and think towards the future. Even though no one wants to think about the possibility of divorce, Florida has some of the highest divorce rates in the country and none of us can predict how the future will go. In order to protect yourself, it is important to consider a prenuptial agreement between both parties before marriage, outlining a scenario in which the marriage does take a poor turn and end in divorce. With the help of Steven Veinger, Esq. you can craft a prenuptial agreement that will help provide a fair and equitable resolution in the event your marriage does take a turn towards divorce. Also, during your marriage, you also have the option to draft a postnuptial agreement that works similarly to a prenup, except it is done once the marriage has already taken place. Learn more about the basics behind a pre and postnuptial agreement below.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?
Often known as a “prenup”, a prenuptial agreement is a contract that legally outlines the terms of possession in regard to any assets an individual may hold before they enter into an marriage. This agreement can protect your financial interests in the event of a divorce, as well as to create specifics terms that either party agree upon during the marriage. The other party has a right to read through and possibly revise the contract before agreeing to any terms and signing it.

What is a Postnuptial Agreement?
A postnuptial agreement is a contract that is agreed to and signed after a marriage has already taken place. This also outlines the terms of possession of any assets and can also protect the financial interests of both parties involved if the marriage were to end in divorce.

The Difference in Disclosing of Assets
One of the major differences when it comes to a pre and postnuptial agreement is the requirement of a disclosure of assets. In a prenup, neither party has to fully disclose their assets to the other, since they are yet to be married. However, in a postnuptial, the law requires that all assets be disclosed.

Protecting Your Assets
In the state of Florida, a spouse seeking a divorce, does not have to have the other party’s consent first. This is where either a post or prenuptial agreement can help you to protect your assets from being cut in half. Generally, both parties will come to an agreement, on how the assets will be divided once a marriage ends. This agreement, once signed, is legally binding.
Having an experienced lawyer, like Steven Veinger, can not only help you draft and create your pre or postnuptial agreement, but with his expert skills in negotiations, litigations, and mediations can you during the process of negotiating the terms of the agreement and getting your future or current spouse to agree to the terms. While it might not seem romantic in the moment, Steven Veinger has helped countless men and women protect their assets and finances, using these types of agreements. Before you get married, it is important to consider the possibilities for the future. Schedule a consultation today by contacting the Law Offices of Steven Veinger at (305) 682-0401.