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Are you in the process of being unfairly evicted? Let Steven Veinger and his team provide you the assistance you need! With years of intimate knowledge of tenant's rights in Florida and experience with rentals and leases, at the Law Offices of Steven Veinger, we've got your back! Contact Mr. Veinger today for a consultation. If you’re in Miami and are in need of a traffic lawyer, Steven Veinger is definitely your man. Over the last two years I’ve gotten tons of speeding tickets and didn’t think there was any chance I’d be able to keep my license. Mr. Veinger was able to help me plead my traffic charges down in court and saved me tons of money in fines, not to mention I can still drive! I was wrongfully pulled over after a night out on Miami Beach with some friends. I had a few drinks but wasn’t planning to drive home, just sitting in my car with the ignition off. The police were railroading me and still decided to arrest me for a DUI. My wife found Steven online and this man saved me, was able to have my charges dropped completely without a trial or anything. I’m so thankful and really owe him, I work a federal job, and this could have cost me my entire career. Thanks Steven! Mr. Veinger is a great lawyer. He helped my sister and I both get our green cards over the last year. He always called us with updates and you could tell he was just as happy as we were when we got the good news! I recommended him to a few of my cousins from DR who are in the process as well, and they’re have nothing but good things to say about him either. I drive so much for work and I’m always getting tickets here and there. But for every one I always call Mr. Veinger, he’s helped me out of some really bad tickets – getting some reduced and most of them thrown out completely. I was a bit of a speed freak in my early 20’s and really screwed up my license bad, I wish I knew about him back then too! I came to this country over 33 years ago from El Salvador and back then I was able to save money, start a business and bring my wife and son over without too much problems. Now that we are all citizens I tried to help bring over some other relatives so they could get a better education with us in Florida but I realize things have really changed and it was a lot harder now. My son found Mr. Veinger and he was able to help us get all the paperwork done and make sure everything was perfect. He worked so hard for us my whole family is very thankful to him. He is a good lawyer and a very nice person too. He cares a lot for his clients. I run a business as a broker for exotic cars in Miami Beach. When you work with expensive cars like these, they have a tendency to break down a lot but never had a case this bad. Last year I had purchased a very expensive car (not saying the maker) for my own collection and after a few weeks, every time the car drove over 50 mph it would have the same transmission failure issue. I took it to the dealer, and they gave it back within two days saying it was fixed. This was repeated 3 more times within the next two weeks, until I finally told them I wanted to give the car back, but they refused since I guess its hard enough to find one buyer for such an exotic car. I threatened to sue and when I was looking for lawyers online, I found Steven Veinger, after out initial meeting he recommend filing a lemon law claim with the manufacturer. This man is such a hard worker, he filed my paperwork quickly and without any issues. I was amazed at how hard he worked for me and how well he was able to work against the manufacturer. In the end I was able to get back the price I paid for the car and then some! Definitely recommend this guy to anybody having car issues. It’s funny to think about now, but a few years ago I was a heavy drug abuser and ended up getting myself into a lot of trouble with the law. I was charged with possession with intent to sell a controlled substance that was rampant in my area of Florida for a while. Despite the substances being my own, and for my own use, the police would not believe me and used some sort of technicalities to charge me with intent to sell. A friend of mine had a much smaller drug charge earlier that year and recommended I use the same lawyer, Steven Veinger. He was a really nice guy, very understanding and wasn’t like everyone else I had spoken to, who had rushed to say I was guilty. He earned every penny I paid him too, helping get my bail lowered to a reasonable amount to start. Then within the next few weeks he had slowly hurt the prosecutions case little by little, until they ended up dropping it down to a possession charge. The best part of it all was that I got no fine, or jail time, but I was ordered into a tough drug treatment program. And aside from one slip up early on, I’ve been completely clean for over 3 years now.
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Criminal Defense Attorney Miami

3 Basics of Criminal Assault

From Florida’s Top Criminal Defense Attorney

In the legal world, cases and charges are broken into two very distinct categories, civil and criminal. Civil cases or claims are generally brought by one party or individual, who feels they were wronged in some form or fashion, against another individual or party, who they feel has wronged them. In civil cases, the “damaged” party is usually seeking some form of financial restitution of compensation for the harm that was done, or any losses they may have incurred as a result. While being on the wrong side of these cases can hurt you financially, criminal cases often have much worse implications. In a criminal case or claim, generally an individual is being accused of committing a criminal offense or crime, by law enforcement or a government body, whether it be the state or the federal government. In these cases, the defendant can be facing jail or prison time, hefty fines, community service and other forms of restitution to the government. In the event you are being charged with a criminal offense, it is vital that you seek help from a qualified criminal defense attorney like Miami’s own, Steven Veinger, Esq. considered the top criminal defense attorney in the state, Mr. Veinger and his team have helped countless individuals mount a strong and formative defense against charges that could have sent them away for year on end – either by fully proving his client’s innocence, or in tougher cases, obtaining a much shorter, more lenient sentence or punishment. At his firm, Mr. Veinger specializes in the defense of criminal assault cases, amongst other practice areas. And as some of the most difficult types of cases to advocate, it is vital to have an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in your assault and/or battery charges. Also, the more you know, and better you educate yourself on the matter, the more likely you are to obtain a favorable judgement and can actually lend assistance to your case. To help you understand the basics of criminal assault cases, here is some important information to know.

· The Criminal Assault

As a top criminal defense attorney, Mr. Veinger defines criminal assault as an intentional act that in some way, commits, or threatens to commit physical harm upon another individual. This means that an assault doesn’t have to necessarily entail the physical act of violence, but merely the threat of it. This is tricky to understand, as simply vocalizing a threat to “beat someone up” isn’t considered assault, but waving a fist or a weapon at someone, can be considered a threat of assault and thus, an assault.

· Assault & Battery

This is commonly discussed in the court of law, and these two crimes can be considered together or separately. Assault and battery occurs when the threat is made, and the physical harm is actually committed as well. Sometimes, prosecutors wont differentiate the two very much.

· Aggravated Assault

This is a more serious form of assault, making it a guaranteed felony charge. Generally, aggravated assault occurs in the presence of a weapon like a gun or a knife, of baseball bat. According to criminal defense attorney, Steven Veinger, aggravated assault also occurs when there is an intent to commit a serious crime, such as a rape – also in the event of two individuals in a relationship. Depending upon the severity, they can be defined as 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree assault as well.

In the event you are being charged with any form of criminal assault, it is vital that you seek out the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, like Steven Veinger. For more info, or to schedule a legal consultation, be sure to contact the Law Offices of Steven Veinger today.